Our Culture

Here to help our

 Because they make us what we are. We hire people who care, who are passionate  and smart, and then give them the support they need to grow. We challenge  them, encourage their professional development, and empower them to learn  from each other.

Here to help our

Because our success comes from a desire to connect, collaborate, and support our customers. We work to build deep, long-lasting client relationships. Our mission is to help our customers grow.

Here to help our

Because encouraging a positive company culture and giving back to our community go hand in hand. Learn more about how we’re helping here.

Our Core Values

Our core values set fundamental principles for the way we operate and interact with each other.

Deliver the Best Customer Experience

We draw inspiration from our customers by understanding their requirements and are always looking for creative paths to help them to create more value.

Join Forces for Success

We team up with our stakeholders for mutually rewarding partnerships.

Encourage Innovation

We develop new business models and inventive ways to increase value creation.

Engage People to Develop their Talents

We develop the talent of our teams providing our stakeholders with the most experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled Westburne partners.

Trust Each Other

We hold each other accountable for promises and responsibilities.

Enjoy Making a Difference

We act as champions and ambassadors to make Westburne the partner of choice.

WOW is an exciting initiative Westburne is the taking the lead in the industry to launch. After doing some research we found out that our industry has a ratio of 3:1 male employees vs females employed. Realizing these stats are the industry norm has made our eyes open and realize we need to make a change and showcase our women who work for us and at the same time make Westburne the place women would love to work for.

WOW aims to take steps towards evolution, opening the door to collaborative discussion about what actions Westburne can take. WOW is an initiative that not only focuses on women but also the new millennials and how we can make our company one of the best if not THE best in Canada. Westburne will use WOW as a forum for discussion internally and then hope to present this initiative externally so other people in the industry can also take part.

The first few steps of action will be:

  • Looking into our employee charter to see what improvements can be made
  • How to make our facilities a better place to work in (for everyone!)
  • Healthy work environment, promoting healthy eating and an active lifestyle
  • Make our branches a warm, inviting place for customers and for US!
  • Participating in volunteer events centered on women (shelters, mentoring programs, BIG Brother/BIG sister, etc)
  • Participating in job fairs in trade colleagues presented by women at Westburne to showcase our initiative and entice women to work for us!