About Westburne

our mission

Our History

The Westburne story spans nearly a hundred years of evolution and growth. Our dedication and passion for helping customers succeed has allowed Westburne to become a North American leader in the distribution of electrical products and solutions. Today, Westburne is committed to being the very best partner for our customers by cultivating relationships based on productivity, collaboration, and trust.

We provide our customers with industry-leading offerings: first-rate products, best-in-class services, technical support, and expertise. We believe that each individual at Westburne has the potential for greatness, and we take pride in our culture of motivation and personal development across our team, nationwide.

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Our Core Values

Our core values set fundamental principles for the way we operate and interact with each other.

icon Deliver the Best Customer Experience

We draw inspiration from our customers by understanding their requirements and are always looking for creative paths to help them to create more value.

icon Join Forces for Success

We team up with our stakeholders for mutually rewarding partnerships.

icon Encourage Innovation

We develop new business models and inventive ways to increase value creation.

icon Engage People to Develop their Talents

We develop the talent of our teams providing our stakeholders with the most experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled Westburne partners.

icon Trust Each Other

We hold each other accountable for promises and responsibilities.

icon Enjoy Making a Difference

We act as champions and ambassadors to make Westburne the partner of choice.

our mission

Women of Westburne

Our industry has an average ratio of three men for every one woman employed. At Westburne, we recognize that this norm means companies are losing out on the important contributions female employees bring to the table.

The Women of Westburne (WOW) initiative aims to help our industry evolve by opening the door to a collaborative discussion about what actions Westburne can take to improve working conditions for women. It’s also an opportunity to highlight the work women are already performing in the field, and encourage future hires.

It’s our goal to remain one of Canada’s electrical solutions sector, and we’re committed to being the best place for women to work. Westburne will use WOW as a forum for internal discussion, and eventually as a springboard to share what we’ve learned with the industry at large in order to create a more diverse and equitable future that benefits us all.