Westburne’s Kick Off’s Have Officially Concluded

Every year each division of Westburne hosts an annual kick off to begin the new year. Generally these kick off’s occur between January and February. The kick offs commemorate the goals for the upcoming year nationally, new directions for the company, and of course they create a space of inclusive discussion among the divisional teams. Another general focus of the kick off is team bonding, as all of the divisional teams come together from different areas across across Canada for the kick off. See what our divisional leaders had to say about their kick off, and check out some of the images taken for each divisional kick off below.

What did the West have to say?

“Our Annual Kickoff event has a few key goals, among them is the recognition of our top performers in our Branch & Sales Teams as well as our Vendors over the past year. We also take time to review the upcoming year’s key initiatives and strategy to grow our business. There is also time to break out and discuss any current issues we have, and as a group look to solve the problems with actions and next steps. A clear benefit of bringing our Team together is having fun and mixing with co-workers across B.C. and Alberta that wouldn’t regularly connect otherwise.  At the conclusion of the 2 days we have an energized and motivated Team that has a clear vision of our strategy and the expectation of accountability to make it happen in 2019.” – Stacey Hartnell General Manager, Westburne West

Check out the West’s kick off photos below, their theme this year was Casino Royal. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/o8ei1kglov1439n/AABSvEZA0qFBzR0RsEL_WSBca?dl=0

What did the MidWest have to say about their kickoff?

“What I had in mind for our kick off was a celebration.  Celebrate our year, our success and most of all our people. The goal for my meetings were to have people leave energized about our business. One steady theme that was delivered over the three days was improving our employee experience which will as a result improve our customer experience. Our employees are paramount to the success of our business. Their ability to work in a functional environment is key to delivering the best customer service. When we look at ourselves against our competition our people and our service is what will set us apart. The employee experience does impact the customer experience. The goals I had set for our meetings were as follows: Network and share – learn from each other. Only once a year do we all get together as a group and this is an opportunity to have fun, share best practices and support one another. Sharing success and service stories. This is something I want to do more of in 2019. We do a lot of great things however we don’t always talk about it. Commit to improving our employee experience and therefore our customer experience. Commit to implementation. Vital for any planning meeting. We spend so much time talking and planning we often don’t find the time to execute our plans. Commit to fostering a culture of customer service and leadership in our branch teams. Our people need to be given the freedom to service the customer which will again, set us ahead of competition.” – Leigh Budd General Manager, Westburne Midwest

Check out what the MidWest kick off looked like this year: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kh6olh33udhnq42/AACQQe0KcfYChWQHpTyrE06ya?dl=0

What did Quebec think of their kick off?

“As we transition to a service oriented sales organization, we need to group together our key leaders to share best practices and to continue to identify the key drivers that distinguish us from our competition. As always, we celebrate the successes of the past, but spend more time solving the challenges facing us in the future. Our 2019 Quebec kick off was focused primarily on training:  this is a people business and we want to continually invest in the development of our leaders and of our  field teams. Primary topics involved priority management and how to develop and empower our employees at the branch level. Westburne offers a strong variety of training sessions for its staff, a huge advantage in our competitive marketplace. Our successes are defined by our people and the relationships with our valued partner and supplier networks. Our kick off was and will remain a celebration of our people, of our objectives, and of our new market strategies.” – Nicholas Zigayer, ing. Directeur Général

Check out the Quebec kick off here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3x03mh74sst557q/AADNTvTR098ED_wRYFu6FJ0Oa?dl=0

What did Ontario have to say about their kick off?

“Our amazing team was brought together on a scale not seen for some time. With an attendance of 175 people including our senior management and vendor partners we focused on 4 themes for 2019. The need to connect, celebrate, learn and have a culture where everyone sells are the four cornerstones to meeting the goals of Westburne. This two day event instilled this message while allowing for some much deserved fun. Westburne Ontario has a common vision, a culture of transparency and accountability. A plan for success through 2019 and beyond. I am proud of our people and their desire to succeed.” – Kevin Pollard General Manager, Westburne Ontario

Check out the Ontario kick off here, their theme this year was Journey to Success: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d3ei1ummg9ptmcg/AAAs6lE5SBMjgSIhiZiLt7OFa?dl=0

This concludes the divisional kick offs, we look forward to another great year with our teams.

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