Westburne at the Durham Skills Challenge

Our team believes in the skills and the drive of aspiring young professionals, and to help support the next generation of tradespeople, we were a proud co-sponsor of the Durham Skills Challenge at Port Perry High School on March 29th. With five competitors participating in the daylong event, students were challenged to complete a variety of installations with proper materials and methods. All work was to be completed in accordance with OESC.

Students were tasked with producing functioning circuits and were judged in four areas: safety, compliance with the OESC, functionality, and workmanship.

The final judges are all professionals working in the electrical industry, Jeff Rickard – ESA Inspector, Bob Smith – Owner of Multi Service Electrical, and Al Hooger’s – Licensed Electrician. After careful examination of each competitor’s work, the final results were incredibly close, with each student showing exceptional quality of work.

Jack Blaney, OYAP Student – Port Perry High School was awarded the gold medal.
Conner Sullivan, OYAP Student – Port Perry High School was awarded the silver medal.
Sam Davis, Grade 11 Student – Port Perry High School was awarded the bronze medal.
Nathan McLennan, Grade 11 Student – Port Perry High School placed fourth.
Jake Gordon, Grade 11 Student – Port Perry High School placed fifth.

Gold medal winner, Jack, will now go on to represent Durham District School Board at Ontario Skills in Toronto May 7th to May 9th.

Sponsors of this event include; Eaton, Hubbell, Klein Tools, CUSW, Multi Service Electric and Hydro One, who each contributed to by donating materials and/or prizes. We are incredibly grateful for their support and enthusiasm in helping put on this event.

A huge thanks to all of our contributors, sponsors and mentors to help create this opportunity for these students. This event would not have been possible without their commitment and generosity.


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