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Westburne supports innovation in all its forms, and our employees are too! Last year Brandon Rebidoux, one of our Network Services Specialists at Westburne, invested in a Tesla and we had the opportunity to talk about his experience owning an electric car.

Why did you want to get an electric car in the first place?

I’ve wanted an electric vehicle most of my life. I never understood why we were so stuck on the gas engine and the emissions it produces when we have the technology to use a renewable resource to power our vehicles.

How did you go about choosing which car you wanted?

Before I bought my Tesla Model S last May, I did a lot of research. Range was a huge factor as I do a lot of outside sales requiring lots of driving. I needed to make sure I had access to charging infrastructure on the go for longer trips. What I liked about going with Tesla was that they have high speed charging so you can charge zero to 80% in about 30-45 minutes, and the car has a map displaying the chargers location and real time availability so you can plan out where to charge along the way.

Since electric cars are still relatively new, what response have you received from people about your car?

It’s been a lot of interest and intrigue. Everyone wants to know more about how it works, and not only how the charging works, but the auto drive function too. It’s not quite a self-driving car but is a good example of the recent advancements in self-driving technologies

What kinds of misconceptions usually arise from having an electric car?

There are a lot of misconceptions about taking road trips. People don’t think long drives are possible with the range of a charge or charge time, but in November I drove from Ontario to Florida with it. The only thing you have to plan out is where you stop to charge as electric car charging stations aren’t as common as gas stations, the car does most of the route planning so you can kick back and enjoy the trip.

What’s something you think would be helpful for people to know about electric cars?

Electric Cars can have a greater initial cost, but factoring in very little maintenance helps to offset the initial investment. Based on what I would have already spent on oil changes and gas it’s significantly less costly to maintain. The only thing I find myself replacing is the windshield wiper fluid.

This trend towards electric cars is driving positive change across the country, and just this year Ontario announced they will require certain buildings to have a specified number of electric vehicle charging stations as part of their Climate Change action plan

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