“The Future Is Yours” Career Fair



On February 6th, Westburne attended The Future is Yours job fair in Saskatchewan to support the career goals of Indigenous youth, as part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion in our workplace.  We had the opportunity to connect with 1400+ young people aged 16-29 who are getting ready to enter or are already in the workforce.

Guest speakers Eekwol, JR LaRose, and Michael Linklater are all Indigenous people from Saskatchewan and have found success in their passions, and overcome great odds to get where they are today. They talked about what it was like to overcome challenges to shape better futures for themselves and their community.

We are proud to have had the opportunity to attend this positive and uplifting event for the first time and we look forward to attending more events like The Future is Yours in the coming years. Thank you to Tara Domm (Operations Manager-Regina) and Tanner Ziprick (Marketing Specialist) who represented Westburne at the tradeshow.

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