Making a Reputation at the Stratford Branch

The Stratford branch has recently opened in Ontario, marking a great success for Westburne. Branch manager Peter Seale and his team have been working tirelessly to build their account base, citing trust as the main driver for customers.

Building trust is not an easy feat, but Peter knows the best place to start is with the basics. When someone comes into Westburne’s Stratford branch, the first thing the team does is put in the effort to learn their customer’s name.

“Learning someone’s name and having them learn yours is fundamental to building a relationship of trust,” Peter says.

The Stratford branch is making great strides in Ontario and we look forward to their continued success!

  1. Great Job Peter, taking over from a BM who was a 40 year employee was an uphill haul so I know the challenges your facing! Keep up the good work you have a great team there!


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