Westburne Takes on the Electrical Products Education Course (EPEC)

Brandon Somchanh – Silver 2014
Joe Resendes – Gold 2004
Manvir Dhillon – Bronze 2012
Danny Bonitatibus – Gold 2012
Ferdinand Delrosario – Bronze 2008
Shilpa Rodrigues – Gold 2012
Robert Farraway – Silver (Not pictured) 1991
Rob McGruthers – Bronze (Not pictured) 2011

About the Course

Electrical Products Education Course (EPEC) was developed by the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) and has become known as the cornerstone of sales and product training in the electrical distribution industry. There are Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels that provide information about individual products, their applications and how they are interrelated with other products in electrical systems.

EPEC Bronze provides you with the beginning sales skills and product knowledge for over 200 products you work with every day. Each module will guide students through residential, industrial and commercial environments as you learn how to increase your sales by acquiring product knowledge and the relationship between products in a system.

EPEC Silver takes you beyond beginning electrical products to intermediate as you dive deeper into lighting, loads, industrial machinery and hostile and hazardous environments. You will expand your product knowledge and sales skills to exceed your customers’ needs while you grow in your career.

EPEC Gold is the final level with advanced topics of providing quality power, relays, controllers, drives, and energy management.

Tony Nguyen and Muhammad Faridi were Executive Sponsors for Bronze and Silver/Gold, respectively. Executive Sponsors provides support and resources to the participants throughout the course of study.

This course is important to Westburne. It provides personal development and career growth as it expands ones electrical product knowledge in all categories. Furthermore, it enhances customer experience by increasing customer dialogue from using similar terminology and eventually gaining the customer’s confidence.

If you are interested in joining this course, please contact your respective Manager or District Manager for further details.

Copy courtesy of NAED.

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