Congrats to the Midwest team on their Service Anniversaries!

This year in 2017, we have had many reasons to celebrate in the Midwest, congratulations to these people on their accomplishments!

+20 Year Service Anniversary’s

Left to right:  Lane Neely, 35 yrs., Darryl Marshall, 20 Yrs., Dave Williams, 35 Yrs., Scott Szydlik, 20 Yrs., Darren Schultz, 30 Yrs. and Midwest GM, John Hildebrandt. (All from Winnipeg.)

+20 Year Service Anniversary’s

Brent Little, 45 Years of service (Brandon)

10 Year Service Anniversary’s

Left to right; Bradley Heatley, Adnan Mirza, Robert Olson, Vera-Lynne Vanderburgh (Rexel), Kathy Rupcic, Cory Leblanc (all from Winnipeg). Missing: Cindy Leblanc & Glen Gregoire

10 Year Service Anniversary

Warren Martens – Thompson and Doug Johnson – Prince Albert


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