Nadia Teixeira’s tips on running your first half or full marathon

Meet Nadia Teixeira. For people who have not met Nadia and her infectious laugh and personality, she is the Manager of Westburne’s National Marketing programs and is located in Montreal. Recently, Nadia competed her very first half marathon, along with 600 runners, at the Firefighters Race of Laval.  The event supports the Firefighters Foundation for Burn victims of Quebec.

“It was one of the most exciting and satisfying things I have ever done! It gave me an amazing feeling of accomplishment. Running makes me happy! It gives me the sense of freedom and time for myself.” Said Nadia.

Have you ever thought about competing in a race? Here are Nadia’s five tips to completing your first 5, 10 OR 21 kilometer race!

  1. Training works, so do it!
  2. The power of why – find a reason, purpose to do it, this will help motivate you when it’s time to train. It also helps during those last few kilometers
  3. People want you to succeed – believe them, take in their words of encouragement, let them motivate you and ask them to join you at the finish line
  4. Create a great playlist with songs that will keep you going – this helps keep up the pace and keeps you motivated
  5. Have fun – because that’s the whole point!

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