Calgary Staff Appreciation Stampede Pancake Breakfast

Pancake breakfasts during the stampede are part of the Calgary culture. They are fun, festive and tasty so on Friday July 7th the Calgary Westburne offices decided to host a pancake breakfast for all team members.

The breakfast included eggs, bacon, sausage and of course pancakes that was a hit with employees to kick off the stampede season.

When asked where the inspiration for the breakfast came from Tomika Gould, Calgary Main Branch Manager commented, “Nothing says Stampede like a pancake breakfast, so we decided there was no better way to kick off Stampede than to share the experience with our team. Everyone on our team makes Westburne better every day and we wanted to express our appreciation for our remarkable staff!”

Even Rick Pozniak, Director of Ecommerce Adoption, got festive. “My wife thinks this outfit makes me look like woody”, Rick shared with us. I can’t disagree with her, but I can say that Rick looks awesome!

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