The importance of multi-channel

Rick Pozniak, Director of eCommerce, has been travelling across Canada to teach field sales teams about our multi-channel advantage. Anyone who has seen Rick in front of a crowd knows his natural ability to bring content to life with passion and professionalism. Plus, audiences are kept on their toes with both discussion periods and interactive live polling.

Rick says, the biggest hurtle has been getting the sales teams onboard with the importance of multichannel selling. Rick quickly learned that showing the audience tips and tricks on the web would not accomplish this, so switched gears to focus on the “why”. Once the audience understood “why” it was important, the “how” to accomplish it came naturally.

There’s no doubt that the competitive landscape has changed, and continues to change in our industry. But through education and adoption, in time, our multi-channel strategy will give Westburne the leverage needed to outshine both traditional and non-traditional competition.

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