Sandra Sanchez- Renewable Energy Technical Support Specialist, Westburne Canada

Tell us about your career path at Westburne?

I started working for Westburne in January 2015 after completing my masters in renewable energy at the École de technologies supérieur (ETS) in Montreal. It was a perfect position for me, since I already had a few years of experience with photovoltaic systems in my native country, Colombia. Also, I was working in the same field. I had no previous work experience in Canada, but Westburne welcomed me. I am now a national tech support specialist for the renewable energy line of products.

Tell us about an event that had a positive impact on your career at Westburne?

It’s not really an event, but more a series of opportunities with Westburne that helped me develop my knowledge. For example, trainings in the US, participating in conferences and congresses. Westburne invests in my professional development, and this has a tremendous positive impact on me.

What has been your greatest learning at Westburne?

Each day is a new opportunity to learn. When I started, my knowledge was concentrated on batteries and photovoltaic systems. Today, I also know about wind turbines, charging stations and cable protection. I have also developed my communication and customer service skills. I consider myself lucky to develop not only my technical knowledge, but also my soft skills and my professional relationships.

What do you like the most here?

What I like the most is the trust the company, my boss and my colleagues show me. My opinions and my decisions are always respected and valued. It gives me the confidence to look for new solutions for our customers that go above and beyond the industry standards: innovative solutions that meet their needs.

What advice would you give someone starting their career at Westburne?

I would recommend everyone to make the most of all the opportunities Westburne has to offer. Give your maximum and Westburne will do the same. Opportunities to develop your own potential are numerous. It’s the perfect company to have a long term career.

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