Michelle gets a special haircut

Michelle, from our Mississauga offices just got a haircut, but not a regular one. She cut her hair to donate for cancer society. That’s right; she cut 21 inches of her pretty long hair to help make wigs for cancer patients. The best part is that this is not her first time donating her hair… it’s her third. Here’s what Michelle had to say about the experience and the picture of her hair:

“Here is a picture that I took after cutting my hair to donate to cancer society. It’s a picture of my two daughters’ hands holding my hair after it was cut. It’s important for me to teach my kids that there is more to life than playing with their toys. Kids in North America are so fortunate to have everything they need…. One thing I definitely want to teach my girls are to think of others before themselves.”

Bravo Michelle for this inspiring gesture!

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