Meet our Midwest Veterans

Congratulations to these dedicated and hardworking employees of +30 years with Westburne Midwest! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our team!

+30 years, not pictured: Brent Little, Wayne Robertson, Dan MacRae, James Pulak, Bruce Loranger, Barb Sokolowski, Doug Badiuk, Brent Turko, Darryl Robinson, Perry Van Damme.

+30 years, pictured: Darryl Day, Warren Lucy, Russ Crook, Craig MacArthur, Lane Neely, Bob Hinds, Loreen Robertson, Steve Morris, Tony Estella, Bonny Groening, Tara Sookram, Diane Broek, Carlos Encarnacao, Dan Diawol, Gayle Davidson, Theresa Crowe, Dave Williams

+40 years, pictures: Allen Einarson

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