Congrats Roy!

Roy Hannah has worked at Westburne Abbotsford for 35 years. In that time, Roy has seen many changes and through it all, remained a dedicated, and key member of our team. We count on Roy’s leadership skills and experience to build engagement, not only with the team in Abbotsford, but as an example of best practices across Westburne West.

Angie Schwan, BC Regional Operations Manager says, “A key part of our success is knowing what works – figuring out how our key people are working this to our customer’s benefit, and then sharing it elsewhere.”

From Warehouse and Counter Staff, to Inside Sales and Outside Account Managers, Roy ensures that the whole team is engaged in a Customer Service-focused model, and that the customer’s needs are always at the forefront of every interaction. Roy is proof that being truly here to help is the recipe for 35 years of success.

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