Westburne Montreal Hosts Monthly Breakfast

Roy Bou-Diwan a National Technical Lighting and Energy Specialist with Westburne has created a more social and connected work environment with his team, by starting a monthly social breakfast in the Montreal office. A massive part of an enjoyable work culture is being able to bond and spend time with team mates outside of work tasks. 

Roy stated why he began this meaningful initiative, and said that “after 15 years working in different industries in different continents and countries, I have seen and understood that every individual or colleague has a beautiful thing to share. We are fortunate that in Canada, and at Westburne in particular we can work in an environment where we have plenty of people and colleagues working with us, near us, beside us from different backgrounds, experience and competence; but due to our routine and load sometimes we miss the chance to see and share those beautiful things with our colleagues, even though we spend 7 to 8 hours with them every day, maybe more what we spend with our family.  The Lounge that has designed in the last months with different actions from different colleagues, has inspired me to share a monthly gathering every last Friday from every month, purpose to know closer and more our beautiful… WE- Family…” 

Roy has been able to bring a positive social environment to his team, and we encourage others to do the same. 

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