Westburne Marketing Team Wins Big at EFC!

Westburne had the honour of winning two Electro-Federation Canada (EFC) Marketing Awards for 2018. EFC is a national non-for-profit industry association that represents over 220 member companies that manufacture, distribute, market and sell a wide range of electrical products. EFC empowers the industry with marketing intelligence, professional development and a voice for advocacy and standards.

This year Westburne won awards in the categories of integrated marketing and digital innovation. For integrated marketing, Westburne won as part of their newly refreshed and modernized branding in order to attract fresh talent while encouraging pride across the company. For digital innovation Westburne won for their marketing program that offers advantage partners an exclusive access to their website for the newest and best features.

These awards represent Westburne’s continual drive and ambition to push the standards and boundaries of traditional marketing in our industry. Congratulations to the Westburne marketing team on their big win this year!

The Westburne marketing team with CEO and President of EFC, at the EFC Marketing Awards 2018. Left to right: Justin Fronczak, Ken Jure, Carol McGlogan, Dave Syer, Tanya Goncalves, Salim Bhojani, Nadia Teixeira, Ndioro Diop, Michelle Castellano, and Mark Kuttner.

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