Taylor Theissen- Marketing Specialist, Westburne West

When did you start at Westburne?

I started with Westburne in early May of 2017.

How did Westburne cross your career path?

I had just finished a term with my pervious company, and thought the marketing specialist position with Westburne looked like an interesting and dynamic role.

What is your favourite part about working with Westburne?

The team here in the west is great to work with, and even though I have only been here for a short amount of time, I feel as though I am able to work effectively with the team.

What is your best memory at Westburne or What are you most excited for your career with Westburne?

I am excited to jump into the world of electrical distribution, and start to get to know what makes Westburne the best.

What is your career and or schooling background and how has that experience helped you in this position?

I am graduating from Mount Royal University with a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Public Relations, and minoring in Business. Getting to apply concepts from school has been an awesome experience.

What is something your Co-workers don’t know about you?

I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was very young, and I probably feel safer on two wheels than I do on four.

What is something that always makes you smile?

Those strangely warm autumn days where the leaves are about to fall.

If you had a theme song, what would it be?

“I’m Gonna Live Till I Die – Frank Sinatra

What makes your job unique?

Simply put the range of different projects and team that I get to work with. Every day is different, and it’s always a sprint to the finish.

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