Ndioro Diop- Marketing E-commerce Specialist

When did you start at Westburne?

I started with Westburne in the beginning of May!  I am the new kid on the block!

How did Westburne cross your career path?

I saw that Westburne had a lot of job openings available via LinkedIn. I saw an opening for a marketing position and went for it.

What is your favourite part about working with Westburne?

Foremost, the people. Everyone at Westburne is always willing to lend a helping hand no matter how busy they are. Even if it might affect deadlines on their own project, people always have five minutes to spare! People will also put in the work whether or not it is within their job description.

What is your best memory at Westburne or What are you most excited for your career with Westburne?

I haven’t been here that long to have a best memory, but I am definitely excited of all the new things I will be learning. I am excited to grow within a company that values its employees and in all, to work with a wide range of amazing people

What is your career and or schooling background and how has that experience helped you in this position?

I completed my bachelor degree in Beijing and have a Master’s degree in global business from the University of Victoria. I am fluent in English, French, and Mandarin with knowledge in Spanish. My background has helped me become a fast learner (learning Mandarin is no easy task). I am always open to learning new things.

What is something your Co-workers don’t know about you?

I am Beyoncé’s half-sister !!!! Just joking, never met the woman!

I like to sew. It’s kind of like my DIY pass time.

What is something that always makes you smile?

FOOD! and the smell of coffee.

If you had a theme song, what would it be?

`I’ll Be There For You` –  from Friends

What makes your job unique?

Ecommerce is so vast and there is so many dimensions to be explored within this field. It is being revolutionize in so many different ways we never thought possible. I Can’t wait to see all the great things that will be done in Ecommerce and how it will benefit (or affect) us all. Let’s see what the future holds.

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