Steve Strauman- Divisional Wire & Cable Product Specialist, Westburne Midwest

Tell us about your career path at Westburne?

My career started with Westburne back in July of 2012 when I was hired on as a Quotations Specialist. I stayed in this position until December of 2012 when I had applied for the job of Field Sales Representative for the Winnipeg Branch. I then moved to the Divisional Wire and Cable Product Specialist role in 2014. I have been in my current position since then and I am challenged every day. I currently handle various product families for the Midwest division and work closely with manufacturers and agents on a daily basis.

Tell us about an event that had a positive impact on your career at Westburne?

The one event that stands out for me that had a positive impact was when I left Westburne for a few months to work for a competitor; you quickly find out that the grass is not always greener on the other side. When I was welcomed back to the Westburne team it was like I had never left, this was a great feeling and made me realize that this is the company that I will retire with.

What has been your greatest learning at Westburne?

I wouldn’t say it was one learning experience that has impacted me the greatest with my time at Westburne, it has been ongoing. I literally learn new things about my positon and the company every day, There is vast amount of knowledge within the people that work at Westburne and the more you ask the more you get to know!

What do you like the most here?

Number 1; the people! Everyone that works at Westburne comes to work every day it doesn’t matter how the day is going, they are always willing to help and solve problems when it comes to customer and other staff. Number 2; the opportunity for advancement within a growing company, knowing that if you want to take on a new challenge within the company in a different part of the country you have the chance to do so.

What advice would you give someone starting their career at Westburne?

The advice I would give someone just starting out at Westburne would be to work hard, ask questions, and let people know what you are thinking. If you are interested in a specific position within the company apply for it, hard work pays off. Westburne is a great company with many avenues for you to expand your knowledge and further your career.

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